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- Give credit to the artists and designers responsible for creation of the work. If possible, also include a hyperlink to their website or the location where you found their work.

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Tag Ideas:

abstract, allover, animal print, argyle, batik, beaded, block print, botanical, brocade, brocatelle, brushstroke, burn-out, calico, cartouche, celtic, checks, chevron, chintz, collage, contemporary, couture, croquis, curvilinear, damask, decorative, devore, diamonds, digital print, distressed, drawing, embroidered, ethnic, Etsy, fabric, fashion texiles, female artist, female designer, fiber art, fiber artist, floral, foliage, geometric, gingham, glitch, Greek key pattern, half drop, hand-drawn, hand-dyed, hand-illustrated, hand-knit, hand-painted, hand-sewn, herringbone, houndstooth, ikat, indigo, knit, lace, lattice, marbled, millefleurs, mosaic, ombre, optical illusion, painting, paisley, patchwork, pattern design, plaid, polka dots, psychedelic, resist dyed, retro, screenprinted, Spoonflower, stripes, stippling, surface design, tapestry, tartan, textiles, textile design, toile, tribal, tropical, twill, wallpaper, weaving, woven, yardage