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HM004 · The Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia

Shot at The Hermitage Museum in the magnificent Gallery of the History of Ancient Painting interiors.
Composed and arranged using cutting and mirroring.

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Party Pattern by Lie Dirkx

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Blurred triangles_002 by thursdayschild79

A very literal herringbone by Erik Mace /

ORIGINAL PATTERN 002   © Hiromu Tsuboi /

ORIGINAL PATTERN 010   © Hiromu Tsuboi /

Kolor Kats by Katie Ackley

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Hand drawn pattern, digitally printed onto a silk cotton blend.


City Reflections

by Andrea Stone

"While visiting Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2011 I became consciously aware of the incredibly beautiful abstract patterns reflected in the windows of the Downtown. I started to associate to the way metal and glass, like structure and openness, represent the tension between elements in modern architecture. While the metal framework demands conformity, the glass reflections seem to explode, almost in defiance of this structure and, in the end, seem to transcend their captors."

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Calladium leaf print on cotton. Late 19th century.