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Raspberry pattern

by Mille Dørge - Tumblr - Instagram - Facebook

Oriental summer

For this print I wanted to create something with a total constructivist influence but that could be applied to any function today. My goal was to design and then print a textile that read Russian Constructivist. Keeping with the colors and hard jagged lines found throughout the Constructivist movement I was able to create a textile that has the potential for many end uses.

Hansje van Halem / Printed Fabric

#geometric #contemporary #fabric #female artist #female designer #textiles #textile design

ORIGINAL PATTERN 054   © Hiromu Tsuboi /

'Red Town'

Repeat pattern by Emma Tudor-Bloch made from an original screen print.

ORIGINAL PATTERN 002  © Hiromu Tsuboi /

ORIGINAL PATTERN 003   © Hiromu Tsuboi /

ORIGINAL PATTERN 108   © Hiromu Tsuboi /

ORIGINAL PATTERN 077   © Hiromu Tsuboi /